CHOCCHICK customization in three steps

Pitch an idea and see how we help you move it out of the conceptual form and come into life.

Step 1: Consultation and Design

Our designers are here to help. You could either choose among the types of products we have in stock or require a new design.

Step 2: Sampling MakingThis is an info box

It only takes us 3 to 5 days to make the sample for you. Every detail you ask for will be deemed essential in our sample making process.

Step 3: Quality Production

Once the sample is confirmed, we will begin the mass production. 500 PCS is the MOQ. You are able to get your products in 5 to 7 weeks.

Customization Options


You can choose any color you’d like from Pantone. For baby products,the most important thing is that they should be conspicuous. At CHOCCHICK, we can do that for you. You can also contact our experts if you already have an idea about what color you will use for your customized baby products.


Print a logo on your baby products to represent your company’s personality and brand.


Packaging for all orders includes PE bags, which have superior tensile strength and are incredibly flexible. We also offer cardboard boxes that provide a natural cushion to your goods. With CHOCCHICK’s flexible logistics and delivery option, expect short-lead time on your intact outdoor products.

Interested in our products?

1. Submit ideas

Send us inquiry, tell us your idea or show us your design.

2. Drawing design

Our designer will make 2D&3D drawing for you to confirm.

3. Making Prototype

Designers create prototypes based on design drawings.

4. Custom Molding

After the prototype is confirmed, our factory will make the mold.

5. Sample Confirming

We will send test sample to brand clients for confirmation.

6. Bulk production

After sample confirmation, mass production will begin.

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